08/09/11 - Imacula launches ad-equate.com

Digital advertising is continuing to grow; a survey by PWC and IAB announced another 23% growth in Q1, 2011 just within the US, hitting $7.3 billion in revenue. Mobile and Video display formats attribute largely to growth this year, but simultaneously, clever targeting is vastly helping effectiveness of campaigns.

Reporting is extremely important to ensure a campaign is working correctly and will directly correlate with the continued growth in media spend. Ad-networks such as Google et al, have demonstrated that with the correct targeting and reporting tools, a campaign can be made extremely successful.

However, there are still times when many of our clients look to engage directly with a specific list of online media outlets as part of a more in-depth marketing campaign to engage with their audience. This is where Imacula identified the need for a separate tool to monitor and track online advertising campaigns using display, rich media, video and text advertising whether embedded on a website, blog, forum, newsletter or email.
Imacula is pleased to announce AD-equate.com, a service based on OpenX ad server, which will allow us to keep close track of how well a campaign performs with any of the close partners we work with.


16/02/10 - PCRetail featured James Dean, Faye Le Duc, Chris Elt and Neil Spicer

PCRetail’s 30 under 30 rising stars section, has featured members of both the Imacula and Ntec team.

James is described as dedicated, innovative and a ‘pleasure to work for’.

Faye is described as doing an ‘absolutely sterling job’.

Chris is celebrated for his product knowledge, customer relationships and drive.

Neil is known to be ‘committed’, ‘passionate’ and ‘respected’.

09/12/09 - Faye appears in PC Retail magazine

The latest member of the Imacula team, Faye le Duc, recently made it to PC Retail magazine. She appeared in the ‘hot seat’ section of the magazine and answered some questions about herself.

11/11/09 - we've dropped an m...

Immacula originated from the name of a Leicester based business established in the early 1900s by Mr Edward Victor Dean. When we originally adopted the name, two m’s were used, but since finding an original business card, we discovered the name only included one. The decision was made to rebrand and with a slightly refreshed image, we’ve now dropped one m to match the original. Imacula will become a trading name of Immacula Ltd.

27/03/09 - Apple or Windows or OSX or PC?

In and amongst a week of turmoil over the 4890 launch, it can’t be helped but notice things have been hotting up between Apple and MS this week. The latest ‘I’m a PC’ campaign addresses the very subject of overpriced Apple hardware, and in our opinion, quite rightly so, you can get a lot more ‘bang for your buck’ in PC flavour.

More and more, less ‘savvy’ computer users ask us, what we think about owning a Mac. Our answer is ‘You’ll either love it or hate it’. Macs are beautiful, they do what they say they’ll do, and they have the ‘feel good’ factor. But where’s the choice? Own a mac, and be one of the other thousands that also own the same mac! At the beginning owning a mac was about being different, and to a certain extent it still is! But there has to come a day where there will be a tipping point of becoming one of the ‘sheep’.

So what’s the real draw to owning a mac? The operating system is great, we love OSX, its heavily based on open source, its relatively light, and it’s very easy to use. But Windows 7 is on the horizon, and quite frankly after trying the beta, its first choice.

But we’ll leave you with the real inspiration of this brief post… a real PC user (and iphone owner) gave us our six favourite quotes of the week as seen on twitter…

#1 How do you get a #£$&ing Mac to give you your DVD back??

#2 I can’t type that URL into the iMac because there’s no “#” on the keyboard.

#3 How do people live like this??

#4 For real I am going to smash this iMac if it doesn’t stop demanding special treatment.


And our favourite:

#6 Where the #%&! are the Vista drivers for the iMac?

Thanks DGS :)

26/02/09 - Convergence of water cooling?

We’re just back from a few days out in Calgary, AB Canada with CoolIT systems, and very excited to begin working with such a dynamic, enthusiastic and creative company.

What really astounded us was the extensive knowledge, not just in cooling PCs, but absolutely anything. And the really interesting thing is, with all this expertise behind them, they have chosen a perfectly balanced and highly researched combination of water blocks, heatsinks, radiators, pumps and something magical called the “TEC”.

The philosophy is simple, as computers and other electronic devices are getting hotter over time; there comes a major problem with heat. Moores law, which to this day remains true, states the number of transistors in a computer will double every two years. With this obviously comes more heat, you simply can’t get away from it; and heat is the enemy. It’ll reduce the life of electronics and make them run slower and less efficient – all round very bad news.

For many years, a heatsink and fan has done a great job and more recently we’ve seen heatsinks with heatpipe technology which are a little more efficient. However, computers are beginning to hit temperatures that need something more…

This is where water cooling comes into play. As recently exposed to the masses by the BBC, this is certainly the way to go, however just a little out of reach to the everyday computer user:

Link to BBC Video on water cooling PCs

CoolIT on the other hand are several steps way ahead. Not only have they identified the requirement for water cooling, but they are making it affordable too… Yes, water cooling is the new cooling!

They have also developed some extremely clever techniques of manipulating the use of “thermal pumps” or TECs, which essentially use an electric current to shift heat much quicker than standard conduction. Basically it’s water cooling on steroids.

The real world performance is mind blowing; we were running a high end Intel Core i7 processor, overclocked and at full load, barely reaching over 25 degrees Celsius. Comparatively, a good heatpipe heatsink and fan would a) not be able to overclock the processor in the first place and b) run around 60 degrees Celsius before it began to throttle it’s performance to cool down again.

The Domino


24/12/08 - Another end to another year...

Well, that pretty much wraps up 2008… So Happy Christmas and Merry New Year to you all.

We’ve got some extremely exciting announcements early 2009, so keep an eye out, plus we’ll be attending CES, Las Vegas too, so if you fancy meeting us, please get in touch!


19/09/08 - The top 100 brands of 2008

You’d expect the majority of the world’s top 100 brands to originate from the states as Interbrand rank heavily on public financial data and export. Out of a staggering 22 categorised industry sectors, the US is world largest in 14 accounting for a total brand value of $767,664m out of $1,213,395m in the top 100.

Overall APAC accounted for 54% of the world’s largest brands, while Europe tailed behind at a respectable 37% and ASIA just 9%.

The world’s largest sector within the top 100 was the Automotive industry, cashing in with a total brand value of $147,527 from 12 out of the 100 brands, a majority 5 of which originated from Germany.

The second largest sector, at $130,358m was Financial Services and also the only sector to average a negative change in value compared to last year. Overall they dropped an average 2%, 10 out of 13 brands lowered their rank. Originating from the US however, Visa showed it’s face scraping a place at 100th.

Computer Hardware came in third, at $97,458m closely followed by Beverages at $92,972m and Consumer Electronics at $92,472m. The latter owned by Japan with 3 out of the 8 world brands. Computer Hardware and Beverages, as you’d expect was led by the US with 5 out of 6 and 2 out of 3 brands respectively.

Computer Services and Computer Software followed next while Internet Services came 11th largest sector with Google rising a staggering 43% into 10th place from a previous 20th last year. Yahoo! was the only Internet Service out of the 4 to drop 9% from 65th to 55th place. Amazon rose 19%, 58th place from 62nd and ebay 7%, 46th place from 48th.

Dell rose 1% in brand value, as did Intel, although Dell fell one position to 32nd while Intel held steady at 7th. Microsoft was kicked out of 2nd spot, swapping with IBM’s 3rd postition, although both brands rose in value 1% and 3% respectively.

The UK accounted for just 2 brands within the top 100, those being BP at a steady 84th and Smirnoff rising 6% from 91st to 83rd position. BP gained a 3% increase in brand value.

Download a copy of the results and some of our statistics in excel format

The Interbrand results source can he found here

12/09/08 - are you being socialable?

It only dawned on me exactly how many intrepreneurs have jumped on the social bandwagon when I came across this image from http://ru3.com

social media

10/09/08 - What the heck?

This is the first of a series of Microsoft ads that are currently running in the states… something completely different for Microsoft, and clearly tuned to the American mind – but what the hell does it all mean?